Attack on Titan: The Final Chapters episode 1 is finally out, and fans are loving it. Here is how fans are reacting to the episode.


Attack on Titan: The Final Chapters episode 1 was chocked full of moments that have, in the past, made this series what it is. From Eren’s apologetic pleas to the children he knew he would later kill, to the sheer brutality of the rumbling, to Hange’s sacrifice, this hour-long episode had fans on the edge of their seats to the very end.

It all culminated in a perfect setup for the final episode of the series, which sadly won’t be coming out for another 6 months. The way the series has never pulled any punches, even up until the final moments, is one of many factors that keep fans coming back despite the final season being sliced up into multiple sections and served over multiple years.


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“In 2013, the S1 of Attack on Titan aired, and it didn’t include the first chapter panel of “See you later, Eren.” Now, nearly 10 years later, we finally see that panel animated. I am truly thankful to Mappa for it.”

“They really went off with the colors and captured the terrifying element of Eren’s true form. AND THIS OST NEVER FUCKING FAILS ANYTIME. #AttackOnTitan

“This is the hypest shit to come out of the attack on titan anime that’s over a minute long. Like holy shit man my jaw was on the fucking floor I couldn’t believe my eyes… and ears too, they finally did it, Splinter Wolf vocals are finally in the anime and now I can die in peace”

“The scene The cameraman”

“mappa really did hange’s fighting scene justice, i had goosebumps wtf #AttackOnTitan #AttackonTitanFinalSeasonpart3

“~Not only the song is the same: but the exact part of the song is playing in those two moments… the very same notes…Erwin’s d*ath, and Levi remembering Erwin’s last words. My heart is completely broken. Mappa did a great job with this parallels.  #midnightsun #AttackOnTitan

“for literally being one of the best sequences and animation I have ever seen, along with the powerful instrumental in back, I am so glad it was given to hange in her final moments literally so stunning, fluid, and moving, it’s absolutely amazing, love u mappa”

When will the next episode come out?

“Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 3 (Part 2) will come out in Fall 2023”

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