Fans have voiced their concerns about Cara Delevingne’s drug intake after an erratic video of her at the airport has gone viral.

In the video, the model can be stumbling around barefoot, before tripping while trying to get into a car. Cara can also be seen puffing on a cigarette and playing with a dog while sitting on the side of the road. Throughout the video she spins around multiple times and fidgets constantly. It’s been reported that the erratic video was taken shortly after she got kicked off rapper Jay-Z’s private jet.

Additional footage shows Delevingne hanging her legs out of the window of a black SUV as she leaves the airport.

The 30-year-old’s unstable behaviour has fans concerned, with many social media users convinced that she’s on drugs.

“cara delevingne is definitely on drugs & i am worried abt her,” one fan tweeted in response to the video.

Another wrote, “I’m actually concerned for cara delevingne and her very obvious drug problem. Is there nobody around her to help?”

A third tweeted,  “My heart goes out to Cara Delevingne. Mental Health very important. I hope she’s okay and I hope she’s get some help”.

Delevingne has made headlines in recent months for her abnormal behaviour that’s been captured on video and circulated around social media.

In May, the actress was captured on video peeking around a gator board and yelling at Megan Thee Stallion while she was posing for carpet photos at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. After a few seconds, Delevingne put her bag down on the floor and decided to jump in the frame, grabbing the train of Megan’s dress and posing with her for the photographers.

The erratic behaviour comes shortly after Delevingne’s strange appearance on the red carpet for the 2022 Met Ball. The model and actress appeared to twitch and shake when walking the carpet.
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