Farmer Wants A Wife star Erin Dore is ‘royally pissed off’ with Benjamin Jackson, despite being one of his final picks on the show. 

Earlier this year, Farmer Wants A Wife left audiences hanging when farmer Benjamin Jackson pulled out of the show due to health concerns. Among his final choices was also Erin Dore, who has now revealed that she not only kept in contact with Jackson after the show ended, but is also ‘royally pissed’ at him for ghosting her. 

Speaking to So Dramatic!, Dore revealed that Jackson had reached out to her on Instagram after the show wrapped up. “A few weeks after us girls had to leave the farm, he looked me up on Instagram out of the blue and started messaging me. We then started texting and were so for about two months. He was sending me messages with love hearts and kiss emojis.” she revealed. 

“And then one day, for no apparent reason, I just never heard from him again, not a single response. So yes, ghosted.” she added. 

While she’s not one to hold a grudge, Dore thought Jackson’s behaviour was unbecoming of someone his age. “I understand people change their minds and that’s totally fine, but he has never done the honourable or respectful thing and given me closure, which I find absolutely disgusting!”

This comes shortly after Dore took a dig at Jackson online. Posting a picture of a poem she claimed was a gift from Jackson, she wrote: “A few weeks after we left the farm, Benjamin reached out to me unprovoked, led me on for a few months and then *poof* he ghosted me… a fully grown adult man [sic]. No explanation, no closure, nothing — lovely bloke (he’s recovered now too btw so ZERO excuses).” 

In her chat with the publication, Dore stressed that it was the principle of the matter that had her pissed. In fact, she’d already somewhat prepared for the possibility of not winning the show. “I’m not bitter, I always knew there was a big chance I’d walk away empty-handed. But the way I was treated is what I’m royally pissed off about.” she said. 

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