Get ready, Australia – US fast food giant Wendy’s is set to expand Down Under with “hundreds” of stores in the near future.

Wendy’s is a popular fast-food chain in America, that prides itself on preparing orders freshly, unlike some other take away spots that have pre-made food made and ready to hand to the customer.

Wendy’s chief development officer Abigail Pringle is confident that Aussies will love the chain’s signature burgers, fries, and frosty desserts.

“We believe Australia is a lucrative market for long-term growth,” she told the Australian Financial Review.

She added, “We think that the Australian market could be hundreds of restaurants.”

While details are still scarce, Pringle hinted at plans for the company to acquire land and build restaurants before handing over to local franchisees. She stressed the importance of finding the right local partner and franchise model, which could be an established food group or a family office.

“We are putting money on our balance sheet, we are finding the land, we are designing, building and handing you the keys… We haven’t yet said that we’re going to do that in Australia, but all I would share with you is we are actively doing that in the US and in Canada.”

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She added, “We have to be careful with what that timeline is exactly because we want to pick the right partner. And that takes a little bit of time. But we think that we can have hundreds of restaurants in the market over time.”

Pringle also said the company will partner with local producers and farmers to serve up quality Australian ingredients.

With around 7000 restaurants worldwide, including neighbouring country of New Zealand, Wendy’s has previously launched in the UK and Ireland after a two-decade hiatus. But breaking into the Aussie market won’t be easy, especially with so many American fast food chains already established, like Taco Bell, McDonald’s and Dominos.

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