The basics:“The fabulous Fifties Fair returns to Rose Seidler House on Sunday 25 August. Celebrate all things ’50s at Sydney’s iconic Modernist home.Pat Capocci Combo with ‘A Man Called Stu’ will rock the fair, joined by Brisbane’s Miss Teresa and her Rhythmaires.Porteño’s Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz will serve up southern style Reuben sandwiches, alongside treats from Balmain’s Little Ethel’s. There’ll also be ’50s DJs, classic cars on display, authentic ’50s fashion and furniture, not to mention the Fair’s hair salon and beauty parlour.”

A fair go for Fairs:“Presented by Sydney Living Museums, Fifties Fair has become a much loved and eagerly anticipated event each year for lovers of all things ’50s. The era is undergoing a revival in our modern age with many fans first becoming hooked on the music and dancing from the 1950s, and eventually embracing the ’50s as a lifestyle choice – from their daily vintage dress, to their cars and retro home furnishings.”

Fair Fare:“The crew from Porteno, winners of the prestigious SMH 2013 Chefs of the Year award – will be serving a southern-style Reuben sandwich and we’ll be serving up delicious coffees and other treats.

Fair-goer specs:“Fifties Fair is for everyone – from hard core enthusiasts who live and breathe the 1950s, to rockabilly trendsetters and people who love to come to the fair to admire the frocks and cars and join in the fun. For music lovers, Pat Capocci Combo and Miss Teresa and her Rhythmaires will be the main attraction.”

Dressed to the nines: “The Fifties Fair is a celebration of 1950s style – a time of glamour and immaculate grooming, when personal presentation was an artform. Think red lipstick, pencil skirts, beautiful accessories, and elaborate hairstyles. Everyone’s welcome at Fifties Fair, whether you’re in jeans and a white T-shirt, or in your Sunday best. At the fair, you’ll be able to get styled by Sterling Hair, or step into Bop Dames’ hair salon and beauty parlour for some ’50s-style pampering.”

How much:$30 pre-sale only

Getting there:No parking on site, free shuttle bus from Turramurra train station

More:Fifties Fair is also encouraging us to share our preparations for the day. Tag@sydlivmusand share with the#FiftiesFairhashtag on your favourite social network to join the discussion.

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