Next week marks the final week of one of Australia’s most iconic soaps, Neighbours.

While it’s widely known that a large list of Neighbour’s alums will be appearing on the show, a new list has leaked that details when each star will make their return.

The final week – which wraps on Thursday, July 28th – will see a variety of cast members returning for Toady’s wedding.

On Monday, Peter O’Brien, Natalia Bassingthwaighte, Benjamin McNair, Melissa Bell, Holly Valance, Jordan Patrick Smith, Pippa Black and Zoe Cramond will all head back to Ramsay Street.

On Tuesday, Jordan Patrck Smith, Peter O’Brien, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Benjamin McNair, Melissa Bell, Holly Valance, Jodi Gordon and Olivia Junkeer will feature on the show.

On Wednesday, Peter O’Brien, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Benjamin McNair, Melissa Bell, Holly Valance, Daniel MacPherson, Chris Milligan, Bonnie Anderson and James Mason will appear on Neighbours as Toadie prepares for his wedding.

Of course, it’s well known that Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan will be returning for the show’s final episode, which sees Toadie wed Melanie Pearson.

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Minogue has opened up about her return to the soap opera, saying that it was “sweet” to be reunited with her on-screen love interest – and ex boyfriend – Jason Donovan.

“I wanted to be reminded of being that 19-year-old again when I would get into my Datsun and fang it to Vermont South or the Network Ten studios at Nunawading [in Melbourne where the show is filmed],” Kylie told The Australian.

“It was very sweet to be with Jason and to think, ‘Wow, we’re still around’.”

It was previously “leaked” that Minogue and Donovan would play a very small part in the finale of Neighbours. However, the show’s executive producer Jason Herbison has since hinted that the pair have a bigger part than initially expected.

“What I’ve read is not what happens which is great. It hasn’t come out yet,” he told The Herald Sun.

Neighbours first aired in 1985, centring on the fictional community of Ramsay Street in Melbourne. Fans were devastated earlier this year when the show’s demise was confirmed as it was dropped by its broadcaster.

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