Kraft seem to think we’ve all forgotten about iSnack 2.0, the 2009 Vegemite re-branding debacle that landed on shelves with all the forced coolness of your dad trying to slip the word ‘dope’ into a conversation.

Now, they are trying again, this time with the mistaken belief that the only thing stopping Vegemite from breaking out from its natural home — in tiny, neglected jars sitting patiently and pungently in dark kitchen cupboards — into the trendy cafes of the avo-drenched city. is that it’s just not classy enough.

Enter Vegemite Blend 17 – a new premium blend of Vegemite, housed in a garish golden container which screams ‘victory’ and ‘gala day soccer trophy’. The packaging says it’s “proudly made in Port Melbourne”, giving that local craft beer feel to it.

The Herald Sun taste-tested the new spread and report that it is “a richer, syrup-like spread that’s a touch sweeter with a more bracing finish than the original recipe.”

“Those who like the consistency of Marmite will give this new version the thumbs up,” they assure readers, “though it remains unmistakably Vegemite.”

The limited-edition (450,000 jars, which is presumably not many?) premium blend is $6.99 for 150g, more than double the price of the boring, not-gold edition.


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