Radio hosts Fitzy, Wippa and Sarah have reflected on brutal interactions they’ve had with celebrities, and listed Leonardo DiCaprio and Denzel Washington among the stars who snubbed them.

Fitzy explained on Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa Show that despite making a career out of interviewing celebrities, they aren’t immune to receiving the occasional cold shoulder.

“You’d had a few drinks, Sare, and I dared you to go over [to Leonardo DiCaprio] and [ask for a photo],” Fitzy recalled.

“He had his hat down, he had a cigarette in his mouth … the hand went up, ‘I don’t do photos’, and Sarah just turned around and came back,” he added.

Sarah interjected, “And then I tried to get the sneaky (photo) on the side anyway and security got my phone.”

Wippa went on to reflect on a particular celebrity snub that affected him the most.

“We were at a restaurant overseas one time and Denzel Washington turned up to the restaurant,” he recalled.

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“I started to make my way over to Denzel Washington to get a photo (and) the guy who ran the restaurant was like the middle man, so he jumped in between us and I’m going ‘Denzel! Photo?’

“So he jumps in, looks at Denzel and Denzel shakes his head as if to say no, the guy then looks at me and says no,” he said, adding: “It was so cold, and in front of everybody I just had to wander back to my seat.”

It’s not the first time that Australian radio hosts have called out stars for their bad behaviour, either. In February Andy Lee of Hamish and Andy reflected on an interview with Justin Bieber in 2015.

“Bieber was one of the least favourite guests I’ve ever had on The Hamish & Andy Show,” Lee recalled. “He was a brat.”

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