Tell us about Art In Threads.

The idea of Art In Threads is to expand appreciation of multicultural diversity in our society through the synergy between art and fashion. The inaugural Art In Threads brings emerging local artists and fashion designers together for extraordinary collaboration. Each interdisciplinary team will create a wearable artwork that celebrates our diversity, and the power and beauty of freedom in self-expression. The specific goals are to foster emerging local talents in various creative fields – visual art, performance art, fashion and architecture; to foster design innovation and excellence by providing a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration, which shall allow each participant to explore a new creative territory beyond their regular practice; and for every participant to have an exceptional and fun experience throughout the project.

What about the artists?

Having been in the creative industry for the past 10 years, I have encountered and befriended other local creatives … It was started by sharing the possibility of art in threads with some friends in late January 2014 … It got quickly expanded to those shared our vision and passion and so on. It is all about surprises: without any pre-conceived ideas or expectations about what level of experience one might have or who should collaborate with whom. Now we are completely stoked to see our final result and it will be extraordinary. The creative team members include architects, photographers, illustrators, sculptors, painters, ceramists, dancers and fashion designers.

What inspired this project?

I grew up in Seoul, Korea till the age of 19. It’s a fantastic country yet very homogeneous in terms of racial and cultural common grounds. Hence Koreans tend to form a strong national identity. On the flip side, it may lack in nurturing different viewpoints of individuals. When my family immigrated to Sydney I marveled at how multiculturalism enriches the society and the power of freedom in self-expression. However, various forms of discrimination still often confront us in the face of multiculturalism. This expands to different forms of racial discrimination, refugee issue and LGBT community’s equality to mention a few examples. Therefore, we as a community are set to create the opportunity for all of us to celebrate our multicultural society and its extraordinary beauty through who we are at our best: creative collaboration embracing each others differences and creating something beyond.

Tell us about the fashion show.

The final artworks will be showcased to the general public with the fashion show, led by choreographer Anna Healey and six other dancers. It will be an engaging and interactive presentation: more of a fashion performance that is unlike any other conventional fashion show. The set design is to be created by UYSD masters of architecture students, led by Dr. Dagmar Reinhardt employing an innovative design method – parametric design. Hence the show itself is a creative collaboration.

Art In Threads is atBrand X, L3 Central, Chippendale. The fashion show and exhibition opening is at 6pm April 11, exhibition until April 18.

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