1. Growing Up

My dad is a big music fan, he’s right into the classic rock of the ’60s and ’70s but also gave me my first lesson in blues. I remember jumping around the lounge room with my older brother playing my toy guitar to Chuck Berry, B.B. King and Garry Moore… That’s where it all began.

2. Inspirations

I wouldn’t be right to not mention Hendrix here… Every kid guitarist has their memory of discovering the man. The Beatles have become a huge inspiration to all of us in the band, along with Tom Waits. Good songwriting is what really inspires us these days, it’s the real magic all great artists posses after you strip everything back or listen to something 1000 times.

3. Your Band

Little Big Wolf is a combination of old and new mates who have all come to meet in one common stomping ground. I’m old mates with Frank Attard, our drummer, and Robert Lupica was a guy from the hood whom we knew from high school. He had been working with Nathan Gatt writing and producing some new stuff with a cool dark bluesy sound and they approached me to play guitar… I introduced Frank and his funk to the mix and here we are.

4. The Music You Make

Swampy alternative blues is how you’d best describe our sound… I guess. But it’s constantly evolving and has changed a lot already in the 18 months we’ve been together. We all come from different places and bring a little of all that funk, rock, roots, blues and R&B to the mix when we get together and jam out ideas. We were lucky enough to work with Mr. Syd Green to craft our debut release. This was an amazing experience which allowed us evolve further yet again and also really taught us a lot about playing together and really helped shape the direction and sound we have now.

5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

The scene in Sydney is very dynamic at the moment I think. In the last few years we’ve seen a bunch of genres being revived and reinvented, we had the folk stuff and then electro-pop. Now we’re hearing everything from indie to surf rock and rockabilly. It’s all very inspiring and motivating for us, particularly when you see traditional styles like blues made new and reinterpreted. Sydney could always do with more venues, especially those that embrace a particular scene or sound. It allows those movements to flourish and not just die out.

Little Big Wolf out now. Head to littlebigwolf.com for more.

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