1. Growing Up

Growing up I was always recording radio shows onto my tape player and I even remember recording my voice over some tapes just to make commercials funnier. I never wanted to learn music in my school days, but I was the guy with 10,000 songs on his laptop that would play dance music nobody had heard during recess and lunch.

2. Inspirations

I’ve loved Timbaland for as long as I can remember. I think he is a genius and has a really unique sound. In more recent times, Eric Prydz, Deadmau5 and Axwell are standouts for me. I am really impressed with production quality and always have been – a track can be really simple musically but if the instruments hit your ear the right way it just feels so good.

3. Your Crew

Crew love! Apparently my grandfather got me into music just after I was born – he would play music to stop me from crying (it was a while back, so struggling to remember really!). In recent times I’ve released music with Laidback Luke’s imprint, Mixmash, and have some newer stuff brewing for Michael Woods’ label, Diffused. My shittiest day job was working at a car wash at 21 – It made me realise I needed to go back to uni and finish my degree.

4. The Music You Make

I am (slowly) finding a new sound with my current releases – it’s becoming more aggressive with some electro-influenced basslines, and melodic lead lines. I’m big on fat, rhythmic drums too – it’s all about the groove for me. Marquee can expect some chords and vocals; it’s gonna be big and it’s gonna be emotional.

5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

I think the scene is becoming super-segmented thanks to the commercialisation of house music AKA EDM. I think the underground scene is healthy and going to become more eminent. DJs these days need to overcome the influx of sub-quality music that is now available by making sure they seek, make and play only the best. I’ve recently been inspired by a new sound I can see coming through. It’s such a great time for music lovers all over the planet!

Christian Luke plays Marquee At The Star on Saturday November 23.

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