1. Growing Up

Growing up, my parents bought me a violin for my fifth birthday – for years I was made to study classical music, which I never really connected with but gave me some foundation to build from. My family has a long history of music of many different styles. For me personally, it was when I discovered hip hop culture in my early teens that [it] sparked my passion for music and arts, and being amazed that people could make a living doing something they loved doing!

2. Inspirations

Inspiration comes to me through new experiences, digging for music, travelling, watching other amazing artists in their zone. I am always most motivated when I get offstage; seeing the crowd enjoying themselves and appreciating the music is an adrenaline rush and it keeps me motivated.

3. Your Crew

I’m part of a collective known as the Boss Bass crew; we are a bunch of great mates and we have been hosting our party monthly for the past two years at its home, Chinese Laundry. Most of my friends are either musos or artists so we are always exchanging our ideas and collaborating.

4. The Music You Make

Currently I have been focusing on writing music for my live show – I come from a performance background so it seems like the next natural step in my musical journey. It’s a mixture of electronic and organic sounds and beats. In my DJ sets I usually vibe off the crowd and try to take them on a journey. Boss Bass nights are all about fun and lots of energy and we like to keep the intensity high.

5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

With electronic music at an all-time peak I feel it has opened people’s ears to a whole new spectrum of music and styles. I think as artist these days the most important thing is to stay true to yourself and do what comes naturally. With styles and trends evolving so quick these days, it’s easy to get caught up in someone else’s hype.

Two acts that I have seen recently which have really inspired me are I Am Legion at Stereosonic, and Shigeto at Astral People’s party, both bringing a new live element to electronic beats.

Hatch plays Boss Bass with Hydraulix, Phaseone, Chenzo, Judson, Kemikoll and Visual Liesat Chinese Laundry on Friday December 20.

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