1.Growing Up

We grew up in a small town, where lots of things were not available to everyone. The first way we got to know music was over the radio. From there, curiosity and the desire to discover new things led us to local music stores, where we learned about different kinds of music. In the ’90, Cesare used to make beats with an Atari Falcon 030 and an Ensoniq ASR-10 sampler. Nicola was listening to a lot of old vinyls from his uncle’s collection. He also really got into Salsoul Records and the music of Larry Levan. This is how our passions started, and how we got into electronic music.


We don’t have a particular artist who inspired us for our music production, because we always listened to different kinds of music, so maybe [our inspirations are an] unconscious mix of everything – from Stevie Wonder to Depeche Mode, and now Bonobo and Moderat (just to name a few). We also had many influences from the Italian clubbing scene in the ’90s – for sure Claudio Coccoluto is one of the DJs that helped us to grow up and believe in what we do… also MAW, Danny Tenaglia and Joey Negro were our big heroes in the ’90s.

3.Your Crew

We just founded our own record label last year together with our mates Leon and Pirupa. Every one of us has a very busy schedule at the moment, so we’re currently working almost everyday just chatting on Skype to develop all the label things in the best way possible. We also have amazing relationships with Noir and his label, and with all the Defected crew.

4.The Music You Make

We’re currently working with Noir Music and Defected – we go from deeper to more ‘techy’ house music and we’re playing a lot of tracks coming up on our own label, D-Floor.

5.Music, Right Here, Right Now

In music in general you have times which are pretty vibrant, exciting, innovative, and then you have times which are kind of flat and maybe a little more dull and predictable. Nevertheless, it is always changing and there is always a cycle.

We think the state of house music from a creative standpoint is very healthy at the moment. Technology gives everyone the possibility to develop an idea without having to spend too much money going to a big studio. And it can also really help with creativity. We’re trying to be innovative and forward thinking, both in our productions and in our label’s releases.

Catch Nice7 at Ivy Pool on Saturday April 26 for Defected In The House, tickets on sale here.

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