1. Growing Up

My first childhood music memory is getting a seven-inch of ‘Martian Hop’ by the Ran-Dells. It’s quite silly but the melody and backing vocals are inspired. Maybe this is why I believe in aliens… My parents were not particularly musical, though my father bought me my first guitar on my 15th birthday. As a musician now, I like exploring harmony and interesting sounds.

2. Inspirations

My favourite musicians are the ones who do it on their own terms, independents who persevere in their art.

3. Your Band

The band consists of myself, Azaria and KJ who also play in The Art. Azaria and I have written songs together and I produced his first The Follow EP. We have been working together on and off since 2004.

4. The Music You Make

Think Ratcat meets The Art. We will be playing a bunch of Ratcat songs as well as a bunch of new songs, nicely fuzzy and loud.

5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

I mostly see my friends’ bands, so I’m not really sure if I know the scene. In the last 12 months some of the bands I’ve seen are Wolfmother, The Preatures, Kirkvoids, Seabourne, Spirit Valley, The Wednesdays, Bob Evans, Maux Faux, The Cambodian Space Project and a bunch of others but I forget all their names. I have also seen this year Nick Cave, Killing Joke and Guitar Wolf. All these bands inspire me ’cause they have passion for making their own music.

The Simon Day Project play Frankie’s Pizza on Sunday December 22.

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