1. Growing Up

I had a pretty musical childhood. I grew up with my mum playing piano and guitar for me. I also [learned] piano as a kid. I remember spending countless hours listening to my dad’s vinyl collection as well. We’d have fun recording our favourite records onto cassette so I could listen to them on my Walkman and in the car. I have an aunt and uncle that have musical careers. My aunt sings in a choir in Seattle, and my uncle plays saxophone and is the leader of a jazz orchestra in Seattle. He has also developed some musical software technologies … he recently got his PhD in music. Another one of my uncles plays banjo in an Irish-style band.

2. Inspirations

I remember getting really into The Beatles growing up; also lots of Bach. It’s hard for me to say who my favourites are, though, since I listen to so many different styles of music. I’ll list a few just to give you guys something to chew on… Aphex Twin, Nine Inch Nails, Orbital, Noisia and Autechre. The Downward Spiral by NIN made me really want to get into producing music electronically.

3. Your Crew

I became interested in music kind of on my own and with people working in the record stores in my hometown. I didn’t know anyone else producing electronic music in my hometown when I was young so it was up to me to find information online. Now I am close to a few of the SMOG members and various artists throughout the world. I would say that at this point I have many friends in music. Some good homies would be 12th Planet, Messinian, Flinch, UFO, Mayhem – I know I’m leaving folks out too.

4. The Music You Make

Well, lately I’ve been working on this thing I’ve been calling Balearic Bass which is pretty much bass music meets Ibiza vibes. I’ll be playing a bit of that as well as some of my favourite dubstep and drum’n’bass tracks and VIPs.

5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

Living in LA, I have to say that the music scene is amazing and fertile. I love it. It’s hard to say what my favourite recent acts have been. I need to go catch some bands; I’m getting bored right now with DJs! I’ve been listening to lots of classic rock and random stuff lately. Right now I’m enjoying Deftones, The Rolling Stones and I Am Legion.

SPL plays Chinese Laundry with Optiv, BTK and more on Friday November 8.

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