1.Growing Up

Sam (the other guitarist in Lost Woods and my twin brother) and I didn’t grow up in a particularly musical environment. There was a vastly out of tune piano and a stringless guitar knocking about but we were too busy pouring buckets of water down ant hills and playing GoldenEye to take notice. Our best friend got a guitar in year three or four, but for him to get lessons at school there had to be more than one student, so he convinced us to learn guitar too.


Our older sister was the bee’s knees when we were little, so we wanted to listen to whatever she was into. She was getting into the whole early ’90s Seattle thing and indie rock music in general – Nirvana, Soundgarden, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, the Pixies; those types of bands. They were the ones that gave me the initial interest in music and their influence is pretty evident in our latest single.

3.Your Band

Lost Woods are an indie rock five-piece from Adelaide. I met Pete (vox/terrible banter) at a mutual friend’s party in mid-2013 and we were both winding down our previous bands. The conversation went, “You were in a band, I was in a band, we should totally start a band.” But then he destroyed me at Rage Cage (a drinking game from hell) and I left in disgrace. I hit him up a month or so later saying I was serious and we started writing songs. We recruited Sam (guitar) because he lived at the house where we rehearsed, and Brayden (bass/cuff pant enthusiast) and Crago (drums/iron bladder) are mates from uni. We started gigging in January 2014.

4.The Music You Make

Our latest single is called ‘Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant’, and was recorded at Island Studios in Flagstaff Hill, which is just outside Adelaide, with the amazing Joseph Cheek. It’s probably our heaviest song and gets compared a lot to grunge-era ’90s rock.

5.Music, Right Here, Right Now

Adelaide has a great but small music scene; it’s slowly getting bigger though. It’s pretty tight-knit, where everyone knows everyone; there are a lot of shared personnel across bands and everyone’s very supportive of each other. There are some really great bands coming from Adelaide, too many to name but obviously Tkay Maidza, Bad//Dreems and Jesse Davidson are killing it at the moment. There are also bands like It’s A Hoax, The Informers, Orelia, The Rocketeers, Dan White, West Thebarton Brothel Party, Sincerely, Grizzly and many more.

Lost Woods are atThe Standard Bowl onSaturday April 4, withLittle Coyote and Octavian.