1.Growing Up

Tom Grant: Growing up I had such a diverse range of music blaring on the stereo, from Elton John to Led Zeppelin, and even though neither of my parents are musicians themselves they encouraged musicality throughout my childhood. I got a piano at the age of eight and taught myself; my parents wanted to give me lessons but I hated them so I guess they let me do my own thing.


Adam Amuso: My favourite musicians would have to be Showtek and Justice. Showtek are the whole reason I started producing music and DJing, and since then they have been nothing but my idols. The first time I heard the album Cross by Justice I was actually mind-blown; the uniqueness of the track list gave me the confidence to experiment with sounds outside the box. ‘One Minute To Midnight’ would have to be my favourite track by them.

3.Your Crew

No-one specifically got us actually into this scene, it was more that we loved the music and wanted to be a part of the movement. We work with the guys at Ministry of Sound for most of our music – such a great crew and they have supported us from the start. We are lucky enough to be writing music and DJing full-time now, but that’s only been for the last eight months or so. Before that, we were working pretty shitty jobs!

4.The Music You Make

We would definitely say the music we make is very bouncy, hence the term ‘Melbourne Bounce’, but what we try to do in the studio is experiment with unusual and weird sounds so our tracks are different to what other people are producing. As for what we play in our sets… we do play a lot of our stuff followed by some bombs from our good mates Deorro, Will Sparks, Joel Fletcher, Uberjak’d, J-Trick, et cetera. But we also mix it up with a few vocal mashups that we have made with tracks by, for example, Hardwell, Makj and Henry Fong.

5.Music, Right Here, Right Now

The music scene right now is unreal! Dance music is taking over the world right now and it’s amazing to be a part of something that’s revolutionising everything. The biggest obstacle anyone has to overcome is doubt. Anything is possible in today’s society and too many people are afraid to take a risk, but if they never try, they’ll never know. The best thing about our local scene is that it’s not local anymore – the Melbourne Bounce is going global and it’s so amazing to see our mates taking off with it.

We R SCNDL withJ-Trick, John Glover, Chris Fraser, Mo’Funk and more atIvy onSaturday February 15.

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