1. Growing Up
It wasn’t until I discovered Back In Black (AC/DC) in my Dad’s cassette collection that I truly wanted to unleash and destroy as a musician.

2. Inspirations
My favorite drummers are Mitch Mitchell, Ginger Baker and Keith Moon. When I was introduced to Hendrix, I couldn’t believe music was allowed to be like that. It was loose, free, with no rules. It gave me permission to express myself. Around the same time I also discovered The Doors and Led Zeppelin. From then on I submerged myself into anything late ’60s/early ’70s.

3. Your Band
Seedy Jeezus is Lex Waterreus on guitar and vocals, Paul Crick on bass and me on drums. We actually met when Lex posted an ad on Gumtree. Paul and Lex knew each other from a side project they were in together called Slocombes Pussy. We all share the same love of late ’60s/’70s psychedelic/heavy rock. The three of us also love Earthless.

4. The Music You Make
Seedy Jeezus were once referred to as “The Bearded Shamen of Riffology” who take the beast that is ’60s psych and meld it to the throbbing corpse of ’70s rock. We have released five 12-inch records since 2015; our self-titled debut (recorded by Tony Reed from Mos Generator); an etched vinyl with the 20-minute song ‘Echoes In The Sky’ on one side and an etched motif on the other; a psychedelic swamp-out of Neil Young’s ‘Cortez The Killer’ with a Seedy space jam called ‘Into The Midnight Sun’; a live album, Live At Freak Valley, recorded at Freak Valley Festival in Netphen, Germany; and an album entitled Tranquonauts, which is a collaboration with Isaiah Mitchell (Earthless/Golden Void) that tied in with his solo tour of Australia in 2016, with Seedy Jeezus as his backing band. Our live shows are unrestrained, fervid, blazing and psychedelic.

5. Music, Right Here, Right Now
The music scene is pretty healthy as it will never go away. Venues might disappear, but the bands and punters will not. They will always find a way, regardless of any silly laws. I’ve had great nights at the Vic On The Park watching White Knuckle Fever and The Vee Bees, the Newtown Social Club watching Los Hombres Del Diablo, and even enjoyed an eight-piece break beat and groove band at the Townie.

Seedy Jeezus play Marrickville Bowling Club on Saturday April 29. More info via the Facebook event.

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