1. Growing Up

I have this guitar and it was the first acoustic I’d ever played. It belonged to a girl named Amy, daughter of my mum’s best friend, whom I had grown up with. I still record with it – I think playing it at their old house is my key childhood musical memory. I didn’t have much of a musical household but playing instruments most definitely runs in the family! My mum played clarinet and was in a band for a while, but I’m not sure about my dad. I think being an only child with a single parent made me focus on doing things with and for myself such as music.

2. Inspirations

I can’t even list my favourite musicians, it’s so hard! A lot of things inspire me, such as photography, some people’s art, the weather, and definitely my environment too.

3. Your Crew

I have a crew of friends, you could say, back at home – we don’t do much but make music and smoke, honestly. We find really strange music and can sometimes bond over that too. It’s a really small but awesome network of friends and I love them to death. I think they inspire me the most. As of now I don’t really have a day job or anything but I might [soon]. It all depends on my college plans.

4. The Music You Make

The music I make really varies [depending] on where I am in life. Now I’m 18 and people are expecting the same music I made when I was 16 and that’s dead wrong. I’m not sure what kind of set I’ll do [in Australia]. I’m really into footwork and songs with textures and space. I love very out-there music as well.

5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

I think the music scene is alive and well; millions of forward-thinking artists doing what they absolutely love. Sadly I think the listeners have a shortening attention span nowadays, which is difficult, especially if you make even semi-challenging music. ‘Semi-challenging’ these days is almost anything that isn’t a banger. That’s kind of upsetting to me, as I want to be able to fully express myself but no-one seems to care about expression anymore. I’m sure I’ve just been over-thinking it, though. The only obstacle musicians must overcome is being blocked by fear. Fear of rejection, fear of anything – just do what you love.

Jagwar Ma, Earl Sweatshirt, Haim and more at St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, SCA Rozelle, Sunday February 2

XXYYXX plays The Standard with Wave Racer on Thursday February 6. Also appearing with Chvrches, Danny Brown,Jagwar Ma, Earl Sweatshirt, Haim and more at St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, SCA Rozelle, Sunday February 2.

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