1.Growing Up

My earliest musical memory would be Christmas carols playing on Christmas morning, which I guess is just a nice memory. I also remember my dad having this massive sound system – I’m talking record player, double tape deck, CD player, massive speakers, the works. He was into Bob Marley, UB40 and Yes, and my mum was into ABBA, Rod Stewart and INXS, so I guess there was a pretty eclectic mix of style and sound happening.


Brandon Boyd of Incubus should probably be at the top of this list – I mean, I do have two tattoos based on his artwork, I own all of the music he’s ever released and also three of his art books. They were one of the very first bands that really resonated with me on a personal level. The music, the lyrics, the ideas, the whole sonic landscape they create still continues to blow my mind.

3.Your Band

Paper Thin consists of Spencer (vocals/bass), William (lead guitar), Liam (drums) and myself (guitar/vocals). We’ve all known each other for several years through local music in Newcastle, but we’ve only been playing music together since April. Recently we’ve worked with Geoff Mullard at RTN Studios in Newcastle. He set us up in a room, recorded the music live in one session, and basically gave us free reign to do what we wanted. RTN is a really natural, creative environment to make music in.

4.The Music You Make

I guess our sound is pretty raw, honest and emotional – think Brand New meets Taking Back Sunday meets The Smith Street Band. Our one and only release is our self-titled EP, released in August and recorded at RTN. We try to promote a safe environment for everyone at our shows. I think it’s a massive responsibility for an artist/band/anyone onstage with a voice to be able to convey that message.

5.Music, Right Here, Right Now

I think the music scene in Newcastle is better than it’s ever been. The greatest thing about music in Newcastle are the venues and promoters who support and organise live, local and original music – Hamilton Station Hotel, Lass O’Gowrie and The Small Ballroom to name only a few. The best bands in Newcastle at the moment would have to be Raave Tapes, Introvert, Rachel Maria and The Cox and Hey Lady!

[Paper Thin photo by Joe Andersons]

Paper Thin is out now through Lost Boy; and they appear atBlack Wire Records onFriday December 16 withSelf Talk, Rachel Maria Cox, Nothing Rhymes With David.

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