The good homies at Foxtel are offering a free month-long BINGE subscription for those Melburnians forced to re-enter lockdown amid Victoria’s current coronavirus spike.

On Thursday, around 300,000 residents living in 10 Melbourne postcodes faced their first day of a four-week lockdown in an attempt to flatten the curve.

From today, those who live in the ten postcodes can sign up for a free month-long BINGE trial. “We wanted to help where we could by making the time at home a little more entertaining,” CEO Julian Ogrin shares.

As someone who pays for literally every single streaming service on offer, I can confirm that my the Foxtel Go service I used to leech off my parents had the best TV shows on offer. BINGE boasts over 800 movies as well as TV shows from Warner Bros., HBO, HBO Max, Sony, NBCU, FX and the BBC.

They’ve got all the classic shows that you’ve always told yourself you’d get around to watching but never have. It’s four weeks in lockdown baby, if you’re not coming out of it donning a fresh as fuck tracksuit with a Tinder goomar because you’ve spent every waking moment watching The Sopranos, then I don’t really fuck with you.

Other choice selections on the Hinge repertoire include 30 Rock, Atlanta, Bad Education, Big Little Lies, Boardwalk Empire, Chernobyl, Game of Thrones, Girls, Homeland, Mrs America, Parks & Recreation, Planet Earth, Seinfeld, Sex & The City, Six Feet Under, The Office (US), The Wire, True Blood, True Detective, Veep, Watchmen, Westworld and What We Do In The Shadows.

Honestly I’m kind of jealous of the 10 postcodes that get to live out lockdown again, it was the most enjoyable period of my adult life. This like, post-lockdown fake-normal society is completely cucked. I miss baking bread. I miss when time didn’t mean anything.