Menulog have launched a pop up store today on Crown Street in Surry Hills today, at which you can grab a free pizza and watch Shannon Noll belt out a handful of his tracks.

The premise behind the pop-up store is confusing — we read the presser a bunch of times and didn’t get it at all, especially considering storefronts and rock music aren’t really what Menulog are known for, and at any rate, this isn’t an advertisement — but the salient facts are: get to 374 Crown Street to meet Nollsie, watch him sing his heart out, ask him about the Idol upset (and his strong Twitter game), and grab a free pizza from Epic Pizza.

Let’s drive!

Shannon Noll​ hasn't done an audio commentary for his new clip…

Shannon Noll hasn't done an audio commentary for his new clip, so we thought we'd give it a bash – as him.

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