“Mr Jordan I have no idea what Warhammer 40k or 39b was or is.”

YouTube comedian and political satirist Friendlyjordies sat down with Australia’s 26th Prime Minister for a long-form interview. Proudly sporting a Kevin 07 t-shirt, Jordies (aka Jordan Shanks) was eager to remind Rudd that he canvassed for him in the 2007 election.

“I believed in you, man,” said Jordies. “I hope you still do,” said Rudd, “because we’re still on about the same sets of progressive values. And the fight gets harder as the years roll by.”

Rudd and Jordies
Rudd and Jordies (image via Facebook)

Jordies presented Rudd with a Warhammer 40k figure and Rudd recalled having a woman’s knickers thrown at him during a Woodford Folk Festival appearance. But after the jokey banter, Jordies was eager to talk media bias. It’s a pet topic for him and the subject of his 2020 national tour, Friendlyjordies Cancels the Media.

“Ever since I learned there was a propaganda model created in the early 1900s that filters all media so the public only sees what the elite want them to see I have been obsessively tracking its ramifications. It’s truly horrific,” says the show’s official PR.

Watch: Friendlyjordies – The media is lying to you

Rudd didn’t hold back. “Murdoch has induced in this country over one or two decades now just a culture of fear,” he said. “If you stand up and say, ‘That is rank bias’ or ‘that’s just a rolled gold 100% lie pretending to be news,’ what they’ve learnt to fear is the retribution that comes the next day.

“The Murdoch empire turn on you and then eviscerate your character and then extract your entrails and then tie them into small pieces and then burn them on the ground and offer them as a sacrificial offering to the vultures on a Tibetan plateau.

“If you take them on they are relentless in the counter attack, they are relentless in the character assassination. The Murdoch modus operandi against centre progressive left politicians is rarely on policy. It’s usually on character.”

kevin rudd murdoch press
Murdoch ruthlessly opposed Rudd in the 2013 election

They went on to discuss the 2009 Utegate controversy and the allegations of Rudd throwing a tantrum because his hair dryer didn’t work during a visit to Afghanistan. Rudd also offered a choice summary of Tony Abbott, his opponent in the 2013 election.

“Abbott’s actually a ratshit debater,” he said. “He just has no facts. He just has three key lines: kill the tax, stop the boats, and kill the tax and the boats.” Watch it all below.

Watch: Friendly with Kevin Rudd!

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