As culinary connoisseur Craig David once asked: “What’s your flavour? Tell me what’s your flavour.”

If you’re a lover of both Gelato Messina and Australian icon the Tim Tam, then you’ll already have tasted last year’s limited edition flavour, a collaboration between the two tasty brands.

This year they’ve upped the ante, including three new flavours: Choc Cherry Coconut, Iced Coffee and Turkish Delight. The kicker is these are designed to be served chilled — as should be the case with all Tim Tams to be honest.

Tim Tams

Declan Lee, who is co-owner of Gelato Messina, is excited to be teaming up with Arnotts again.

“We’ve delved deep into our gelato flavour bank”, he explains, “and, after the popularity of last year’s range, we knew we had to come back with some exciting new combinations.

“Anything ‘chilled’ is our department, so after taste testing the new flavours many times, we’re all agreed, they taste even better straight from the fridge.”

Claire Kesby-Smith, who holds the excellent job title of Tim Tam Marketing Manager, is similarly stoked.

“Tim Tam is Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuit and with the help of the gelato experts we’ve created three new flavours best served straight from the fridge to keep Aussies cool as the temperatures rise this summer.”

The biscuits will be out on February 5, and should retail at $3.65 a pack. Mark it down!