We are living in the Pokémon card renaissance and no one can deny it. There are literally mint condition shiny Charizard cards on eBay up for north of $300,000.

And now in the latest crazy Pokémon card news, US cereal company, General Mills is facing a cereal shortage due to a Pokémon card rampage brought about by one of its latest promotions.

The cereal company in question, General Mills decided to get in on Pokémon’s 25th anniversary by including booster card packs as well as exclusive cards in their cereal.

And now thanks to the Pokémon card renaissance, the boxes have naturally not only been selling like hot potatoes, they’ve also been completely selling out. And it doesn’t stop there. Of course, they’ve made their way into the resell market, landing on eBay in Australia.

You can see for yourself here, with one of the booster card packs being listed for approximately $138 AUD.

According to Forbesevery box of cereal with cards inside include one booster pack with three cards, each of which could be Galarian Ponyta, Morpeko, Wooloo, Hatenna or Gossifleur. In addition, there’s also a super coveted card in the mix, with it being none other than the electric mouse, Pikachu, which also comes stamped with a special 25th Anniversary marking.

Yes, apparently there are actual cards in the set which carry some value, but in reality, it’s not worth losing sleep over trying to get your hands on them. So all the best to the people selling their cards for over $100 on eBay right now.

As reported by Food and Wine the collaboration between General Mills and Pokémon was announced back in March. It was announced that buyers could get their hands on cards inside Golden Grahams, Trix, Cocoa Puffs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Lucky Charms cereal boxes.

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