After Kanye West rapper attacked a Vogue editor for criticising his ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt, Gigi Hadid publicly slammed his actions.

You never know what Kanye West is getting up to these days, but it’s pretty easy to tell when some lines have been crossed. At the Yeezy Season 9 show during Paris Fashion Week, Ye came out sporting a shirt sporting the slogan ‘White Lives Matter’. 

Now, we don’t need to tell you why that’s problematic, but the TLDR is that the racist slogan has been used for years to undermine the struggles of the Black community and dismiss systemic racism and violence against them. West, however, didn’t just stop at putting said slogan on a t-shirt and sporting it himself: he later went on Instagram and called the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement a ‘scam’. 

“Everyone knows that Black Lives Matter was a scam. Now it’s over. You’re welcome.” he said on IG stories. 

West was rightfully called out by figures and the public alike, one of whom was Vogue contributing editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson. When Johnson called West out for his controversial move, West went so far as to share her pictures on his page and leave comments on her style. 

Despite being urged by acquaintances to lay off, West continued to come after Johnson. According to screenshots he shared of a conversation, allegedly with designer Mowalola Ogunlesi, he was encouraged not to “insult” the writer and to have a “conversation” about the t-shirt. Evidently, West ignored the sender. 

Enter Gigi Hadid

The supermodel – who has worked with and is friends with Johnson – defended her in West’s comments and called him out for his behaviour. 

“You wish u had a percentage of her intellect,” she said. 

“You have no idea haha…. If there’s actually a point to any of your shit. She might be the only person that could save u. As if the ‘honor’ of being invited to your show should keep someone from giving their opinion? Lol. You’re a bully and a joke.”

Hadid’s comments weren’t the only ones calling West out. 

“You need to apologise to her AND the others you’ve hurt by pulling this stupid stunt with the tees.” said one comment. 

“So are you going to take the profit that you make off of the WLM shirts and invest into a REAL BLM fund to really help the community??” said another. 

West has yet to comment on the t-shirt. 

Check out Gigi Hadid’s comment on Kanye West’s post:

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