Your third birthday – the fairy cake, the pass-the-parcel of (retrospectively, reasonably shitty) little gadgets, your Uncle Larry hitting on your Aunt May and his ensuing demise head first into aforementioned cake… Third birthdays are a big deal. So when the crown-wearing cats at Goodgod Small Club reach theirs, you know it’s set to be the cherry on top of their notorious beat-ravaging all-nighters.

With a bill comprising hand-picked headliners from the past year, Saturday October 5 will be a sonic frenzy. Expect Montero’s psychedelic pop, the amplified R&B of The Murlocs and the room shaking dub of Standish/Carlyon, alongside Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys, Mining Boom, Alex Cameron, Four Door, Black Vanilla, Major Napier and Yo Grito!

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