Vegan friends, this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Beloved burger retailer Grill’d have today let us know, that tomorrow, that is Monday, April 15th, they’re going meat-free.

In a bid to curb [maybe] reckless meat consumption, Grill’d stores nationally will be going meat free all day. Australia is known for being one of the largest consumers of red meat worldwide. However, Grill’d are preeetty sure things are a changin’.

A recent customer survey has delivered contrasting results, finding that across its participants, less meat is being consumed. It even highlights a new trend – some Aussies are indulging in at least one meat-free meal per week.

With this in mind, the delish burger mogul have embraced something we like to call flexitarianism. That’s just a more fanciful way of saying you love your meat, but maaaybe not so much of it. Flexitarians also try their best to include more plant-based proteins in their diets, which can lead back to health or environmental reasons.

Either way, I’m ALL for it.

Here’s the deal. On Monday (tomorrow), Grill’d will launch a new menu of plant-based burger patties, sourced from Beyond Meat. Those guys create products which replicate the taste of a beefed up burger, but use ingredients exclusively from plants. Good stuff.

On the topic of the new initiative, Grill’d founder and managing director Simon Crowe said: “We genuinely believe plant-based alternatives will form a huge part of the future of burgers, especially with our new menu selection of Beyond Burgers that taste just like beef.”

Crowe adds, “That’s why we are encouraging all our customers to go meat free with us this Monday and try out our new plant-based menu.” He confirms this is part of a broader, ongoing commitment to innovation.

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The Australian company has announced quite the ambitious plan. After entering their 15th year, it pledges  to make 50 per cent of its menu plant based by the very soon 2020. One step in the right direction, I think YES.