Anders Trentemøller is a consummate producer – as an artist, he conceptualises in arrangements rather than constructing a song like a metaphorical building as most bands and musicians do. The Danish producer’s lush soundscapes first came to the attention of the masses via his 2006 debut The Last Resort that reeked of genius, but the entry barriers for those outside the serious dance music scene were high. Now Trentemøller has dropped Lost, a misleadingly titled release, considering on this album Trentemøller has in fact found the perfect mix of accessibility and innovation.

Trentemøller sat down with Denver Maxx to chew over his latest chart-crusher.

1. What inspired you to use so many guest vocalists on this album?

I actually thought about a pure instrumental album. But as I worked more and more with the songs they turned in to be these tunes that kind of demanded vocals on them, it was a slow process that just happened step by step. On all the songs with vocals on the album, I had specific vocalists in mind. So I had to contact these vocalists that I had written these songs for and then just cross my fingers that they would say yes. Luckily they all did. Maybe because they could feel that these songs were written specifically for them?

2. How do you think your sound has developed?

This time my songwriting became much more focused on writing for some specific artists like Low, Blonde Redhead and The Raveonettes. I think it has a melancholic vibe, but also some hope and some light. If it’s all too dark it gets boring and too heavy, so I love working with contrasts in my music and in the sound; dark and light, analogue and digital.

3. Who writes the lyrics?

All the vocalists write their own lyrics. I believe that makes [for] the most honest and pure result. The vocalists should definitely sing their own songs, that’s what makes it personal and not just a feature on the album.

4. What was it like working with Low?

They have been a constant inspiration for me the last 15 years. As soon as I sat down at my Wurlitzer and wrote those chord progressions I had Mimi Parker’s voice in mind … so it was a great, great pleasure and a big honour that she actually really liked the music I sent to her and made this magic melody and lyrics to my music.

5. What Australian artists are you listening to?

I’m a BIG fan of Nick Cave! And I [was] already listening to him when he did The Birthday Party. I think his new album is one of the best albums in years – it has been on repeat on my home stereo for months now.

Lost out now through In My Room/Balance Music/EMI.

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