Former MAFS groom Sam Carraro has spilled some behind-the-scenes tea on the production following the dramatic premiere episode of the new season last night, and shared how it might affect this season’s cast.

On Melbourne’s 101.9 The Fox show Fifi, Fev & NickCarraro said it’s easy to fall into the “trap” of being on the show, and any sense of reality is lost during filming.

Carraro confirmed that nothing on the show is staged or scripted, however producers do play a big part in how the story unfolds with “heavy” editing.

“You have time slots, so we had three times a day where we would get filmed and after every time you get filmed you have a voxy, which is where you see the person standing one on one and they can use that voice over for really anything they like,” he explained. “You fall into the trap of being on the show and it’s really hard to not stuff up.”

2023 groom Harrison may be a prime example of the producers’ manipulation of the show.

“I think he’s coming across as a bit of a knob at the minute, the producers will have a field day with him,” Carraro said. “They will be pumping up his tyres, ‘We love how natural you are, we love your confidence,’ he’ll be standing there just flexin’ on it and he’ll go on the show and make an absolute banana of himself.”

Coming as little surprise to anyone, Carraro said participants have “nothing” to do with the show’s experts.

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“At the commitment ceremonies, you’re not just dealing with the very smart experts when you’re there one on one or one on three, you’ve a whole team out the back such as the head of the show, all of the producers speaking into their ears going, ‘Keep pushing him, keep pushing,'” he said. “They are like wolves, they will absolutely fry you.”

While footage from the dinner parties seem to contain a lot of alcohol, Cararro said nobody is being forced to drink.

“I had my drink taken out of my hand several times,” he said. “They don’t want you to get smashed, that’s a fact.”

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