Mobile gaming has come a hell of a long way over the last few years, so we round up some of the best games the iPhone and iPad have to offer.

It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of console gaming, but many of us forget the one gaming device that’s always with us: your phone. Since the birth of the App Store, Apple has been steadily cultivating a strong stable of games worthy of your time. Then the introduction of Apple Arcade (a ludicusarously well-valued subscription service) came along and continued to add to that roster.

So whether you’re stuck in a long coffee line or cuddled up on the couch, here’s a handful of iOS games we recommend.


The epitome of a perfect mobile game, Grindstone offers a wonderful amount of charm and challenge. A devilishly smart puzzler, each level will see you build combos by taking out similarly-coloured enemies that in turn moves you around the screen. Kill enough foes and your door to escape will eventually open.

But that’s just the beginning. Harder enemies require set amount of kills before besting and precious gems will allow you to switch paths mid-attack.

Grindstone is ideal for quick sessions, but it’s also the game we’ve spent the most amount of time with. Pure addiction.

LEGO Builder’s Journey

It’s absolutely no secret that we love ourselves some LEGO, but even still LEGO Builder’s Journey blew us away.

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You see, as you toil away at putting various blocks together there’s a subtle story at play. You’ll build platforms for characters to cross or worlds for them to live in. It’s charming, touching and emotional all at once and is backed up by a score so good you can even listen to it on Spotify.

A absolute gem not enough people talk about.

Genshin Impact

When talking about the best iPhone and iPad games we can’t not mention the absolute juggernaut that is Genshin Impact. A free-to-play, open world action RPG, Genshin is one of the best examples of what video games on the iPhone and iPad are capable of. The hours upon hours of content available here as you explore the world of mysteries that Teyvat is astounding, and it all plays buttery smooth as well.

It’s just worth noting that the game does feature microtransactions – allowing you to purchase crystals, which can unlock random characters or items.

That said, we haven’t played a cent and still thoroughly enjoyed our time with this one.

What the Golf?

What the Golf? might look like your run-of-the-mil sports game, but rest assured that couldn’t be further from the truth. To say much more would ruin much the game’s delightful appeal, so trust us when we tell you it’s equal parts whacky and wonderful.

You’ll be amazed by the level of creativity at play and in stitches at many of the game’s reveals. Just go play it already.

Sonic Racing

Good kart racers are hard to come by, but Sonic Racing has been able to speed its way to success. The game’s biggest win is also is point of difference: teamwork is crucial for success. Working as a unit, you and your allies are able to help each other reach the podium position by setting traps for others or placing helpful items like speed boosters.

You might want to play with a controller, but even if you don’t, Sonic Racing is fast-paced fun.

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