With less than a week to go, are you stuck with pressie ideas for your nerdy dad? Here’s some options we’ll always recommend in a pinch.

Plus, you can easily buy any of these items without even having to get up off the couch. We won’t tell…

Satechi Aluminium USB Headphone Stand Hub + Trio Wireless Charging Pad

Price: From $89.99 via Amazon

If your dad has been desperately trying to upgrade his home office, then Satechi is the premium brand to help him do it. Combining class and convenience, the company has a wide assortment of dongles, chargers and adapters.

We’re particularly big fans of both the Aluminium USB Headphone Stand Hub and the Trio Wireless Charging Pad, both of which have helped reduce a serious amount of cable chaos on our desks. The Headphone Stand, for instance, kicks things off by elevating your bulky headset – keeping it easily within reach for the next zoom call. But a few extra USB ports on the front of the unit allow you to hookup a few more devices without any extra annoying bulk.

Then there’s the Trio Wireless Charging Pad, which allows you to charge an iPhone, Apple Watch and wireless AirPods case simultaneously. We’ve been especially appreciative of this unit saving a few extra spots on the power board, and love how well it cuts down on cable management, while still keeping everything on hand and fully charged for the day ahead. Oh, both units also have a great build quality and sleek aesthetic making them real winners.

Apple AirPods Max

Price: $739.00 via Amazon

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If you really want to show your dad some love, look no further than Apple’s AirPods Max. While they’re undeniably pricey, the quality on offer is instantly evident the moment you pull these beauties out of the box. From incredibly comfy ear pads to a rich sound profile, these bad boys are top-tier from tip to toe.

We’ve been giving the AirPods Max a test of our own, and were particularly impressed with both the wonders of spatial audio (providing a full 360 degree cinema-like experience with dynamic head tracking for services like AppleTV+) and the power of the unit’s noise cancellation.

The amount of background noise the Max are able to cut out (especially when music is playing) is absolutely astounding. Likewise, the smart placement of microphones around the ears make transparency mode especially handy for unexpected conversations or crossing roads.

The biggest compliment we can give the AirPods Max though is that, much like every other Apple product on the market, they just bloody work. Pairing them to our iPhone was seamless, as was switching back and forth between them and regular AirPods.

Oh, and did we also mention that they’re quite pleasing to the eye as well? Trust us, if you nab Dad a pair of AirPods Max, you will instantly ascend to golden child status.


Google Nest Doorbell + Nest Cam

Price: From $329 via Google Store

Is your dad so security focused that you swear he could have been a CIA-operative in a former life? Well then Google has developed the perfect gadget for him! The new Nest Doorbell (battery) and Nest Cam (outdoor or indoor, battery) are the perfect addition to any smart house.

First up is the Nest Doorbell, which hopes to increase the security and efficiency of your front door. But before you even think about all its nifty inclusions, it passes the one crucial test for many homeowners – it looks good.

The Nest Doorbell is the epitome of simplicity, allowing it to blend right in no matter your décor choice. But once you do set the device up (which we were shocked by how simple it actually was) you’ll continue to be floored by its rich feature set. The camera, for example, is intelligent enough to distinguish between human, vehicle and animal-specific notifications without requiring you to add on any addition subscription services. Your dad will be even be able to keep tabs on any package he may have ordered, or that pesky neighbour’s pet.

The Google Nest Cam, meanwhile provides an additional layer of security either indoors or out, and rounds out the nest family. Like the Doorbell, this Cam is battery operated, but Google touts it can last up to a whopping seven months before a recharge, and is easily removable via a magnetic base. Again, setup and removal is easy thanks to the power of the magnetic base.

Our only real concern is whether or not someone might pinch either device from your wall or door, otherwise both are great options to help boost your Dad’s home security, especially if he’s already in the Google ecosystem.


Price: $78 via Amazon

If your dad is lucky enough to have beaten all the scalpers and snag himself a PS5, then he’s likely looking for something to play. And he should look no further than DEATHLOOP. This frantic first-person shooter comes with a fascinating twist: you’re an assassin trapped in a time loop on an enigmatic island, doomed to repeat the same day for eternity.

The only chance for escape is to break the loop by unearthing information and assassinating eight key targets before the day resets, all while dodging a fellow assassin who wants to see you dead first. There’s a lot of hype behind this one and early word is indicating it’s one of 2021’s best titles, so well worth a pre-emptive pre-order. Tell Dad good things come to those who wait.

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset

Price: $143.00 via Amazon

Speaking of gamer Dads, here’s the perfect multi-console headset that’ll help bolster any gaming setup. The Arctis 1 isn’t just clean and elegant to look at – it’s got some impressive flexibility to boot.

That’s largely thanks to a nifty USB-C wireless dongle that will allow you to ditch the cords for your Nintendo Switch, Android phone or PS5. All you need to do is move the dongle from one device to the next and the headphones do the rest – it’s seriously that easy. Xbox fans needn’t be left out in the cold either thanks to the additional inclusion of 4-pole 3.5 mm cord that can be plugged straight into the controller of the Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One.

Few headsets provide such extensive versatility, making the Arctis 1 so gosh darn appealing. And that’s without us even mentioning SteelSeries’ signature sound and build quality. Any dad would be lucky to get one of these.

DualSense Wireless Controller – Cosmic Red & Midnight Black

Price: From $100 via Amazon

Wanna get your dad into some co-op or multiplayer PS5 action? Well you’re going to need an extra controller, so why not choose one with serious style. The newest iterations of the DualSense should do just the trick, replacing the clean white look of the launch unit for some swish new options.

Personally we’re a sucker for the real colour-pop of cosmic red, but an all black unit has been requested by many PlayStation fans before the console even hit store shelves. What we’re trying to say is that your dad will earn some serious style points no mater which one you choose.


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