While it was never uncommon for a rock star or rapper to wear a necklace on any occasion, there’s one necklace in particular that’s really been enjoying the limelight as of recent times. And course, it’s none other than the pearl necklace.

As with any precious pearl or stone, the prices can range all the way up from budget to baller, faux to real. But, whichever necklace you choose, there’s no denying that the mysterious underwater gemstone is having a moment and there’s no reason to sleep on it if you’re not already on board. Check out five pearl necklaces below that you can add to cart now.

Faux pearl necklace

Price: $5

For the most minimal of budgets, there’s always the old faithful faux pear necklace. Pearls come in at 8mm a pop. Style it up nicely and no one’s bound to notice.

$5 pearl necklace

Gregory Lardner knotted necklace

Price: $29.95

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Featuring a necklet style if you’re after a piece that sits a little bit higher than regular necklaces. Also comes with an extension chain.

gregory lardner pearls

Beaded freshwater pearl silver necklace

Price: $74.50

This one’s a handcrafted piece made by artisan jewellers. If you’re looking to add a little vintage sparkle to your wardrobe, or your outfit, this is for you.

pearl necklace

Gold mini freshwater pearl necklace

Price: $39.99

A dainty little number made with freshwater pearls which features gold plating. And as recommended, is perfect for stacking and layering.

pearls lovisa
Tiffany’s Ziegfeld collection pearl necklace

Price: $1150

For those of us with extremely deep pockets, a tonne of generosity or whoever’s looking for a super nice gift, a visit to Tiffany & Co will always do the trick.

This freshwater necklace is a very special one, with the designers drawing inspiration from their 1920’s pieces to create the Ziegfeld necklace. As per the description, the collection from which the necklace belongs to, “echoes the bold and lavish design of the iconic Ziegfeld Theatre and the elegance of the Jazz Age.”

pearls tiffanys

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