With the games industry becoming more competitive than ever, we round up some of the biggest releases from the first two months of 2019:

Resident Evil 2 (PS4, XBO, PC)

20 years on, Capcom has done a remarkable job breathing new life into this survival horror classic. The new visuals are stunning, the controls a vast improvement over the series’ classic tank movement, and most importantly, the jumps are plentiful. Make no doubt about it, Resident Evil 2 will scare the absolute pants off you in all the best ways. This isn’t just one of the best remakes of the year, it’s already one of 2019’s greatest achievements.

You can buy Resident Evil 2 here.

Far Cry New Dawn (PS4, XBO, PC)

Set after the events of Far Cry 5, New Dawn smartly uses its predecessor’s world, then rejigs it by injecting a whole lot of pink. The end result is an experience that doesn’t feel as fresh as a proper sequel would, but adds just enough variety to keep you entertained during your stay in Hope County. Co-op presents plenty of opportunities for shenanigans as well.

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You can buy Far Cry New Dawn here.

Kingdom Hearts III (PS4, XBO)

Kingdom Hearts III has been a long time coming, but the good news is that it’s everything the series faithful could have asked for. If you’re a newcomer, the stupidly convoluted story will lose you in minutes, but there’s still a childlike joy found in smashing your way through a wide assortment of Disney Worlds ranging from Toy Story, to Winnie the Pooh, and even Frozen.

You can buy Kingdom Hearts III here

Crackdown 3 (XBO, PC)

The original Crackdown, released back in 2007, was a fun, bombastic adventure that was a product of its time. Unfortunately, Crackdown 3 on the other hand, hasn’t quite been able to catch up. There’s still a bunch of fun to be had in the game’s zany sandbox, but the depth isn’t quite there, especially in its relatively lacklustre campaign. Definitely one more for the fans.

You can buy Crackdown 3 here.

Wargroove (XBO, Switch, PC)

Though fans of Advance Wars have been crying out for a sequel for over a decade, Wargroove is the next best thing. Swapping out the military aesthetic for something more fantastical, the core strategy at play here is incredibly addictive, and equally as challenging. Some battles feel a little too drawn out, but patient heads will prevail in this stellar tactical gem.

You can buy Wargroove here.

Ape Out (Switch, PC)

In many ways, Ape Out feels like the love child of Hotline Miami and Birdman that nobody expected, but that’s part of what makes this such a surprise hit. You play as an ape trying to escape the clutches of soldiers who mean to do you harm by beating them to submission across procedurally generated environments. The game is wonderfully colourful, the action is frantic and the reactive jazz tunes backing everything up rounds out the memorable experience.

You can buy Ape Out here.

Trials Rising (PS4, XBO, Switch, PC)

The Trials series is back with more physics-based madness that’ll both delight and destroy your video game senses. The welcome variety of tracks and silky-smooth controls will help you look past the odd technical hitch, but either way, this series is perfect for the Switch.

You can buy Trials Rising here.

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