Jeff Goldblum, or Dr. Ian Malcolm as he prefers to be called, showed up in Sydney and on social media feeds a few weeks ago handing out free food like a modern day Mother Teresa.

Turns out he is the new spokesperson for Menulog and was in Australia filming a series of five commercials for the service, which you may have seen rolling out on television over the weekend. Do you see the food connection now? Brilliant.

Goldblum’s philanthropist streak will continue next Tuesday May 23, when he shouts 500 Australians a Menulog meal, which he no doubt will pay for himself.

The main snag (‘cos he was handing out sausages) with this savvy promotional move was asking Jeff for a few quotes that adequately express his unbridled enthusiasm for an Australian-based home delivery service. Here are three such quotes:

  • “Menulog gets 10 Goldblums out of a possible 10 Goldblums!
  • “Food, glorious food! Australian vittles are tippity top! The crackerjack home delivery service (of which Menulog is an exemplar) is one of the cosmic ecstasies!
  • “The Menulog credo fits me like a flesh tuxedo! Less think – more eat, eat first – then talk. How’s that for phraseology conjugation?!”

Illuminating. Head here to find out how you can get a meal, with the tacit understanding that you are now a promotional tool for Menulog. Bon appétit!

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