With January well and truly underway, the start of university is on the horizon. If you didn’t quite get the ATAR you were hoping, you might be stressing out about what to do at uni or if you can even get in. As we’ve pointed out before, no matter how low your ATAR is, there’s always opportunities for you to pursue studying at university and have an incredible career.

Thanks to places like The College at Western Sydney University, even if you didn’t finish high school you can still go to university and have the opportunity to get a degree by enrolling in a diploma. The best thing is the diploma also counts as the first year of your degree, so you can finish your degree in the same amount of time as everyone else.

Diplomas are available at The College at Western Sydney University in the following fields:

  • Arts
  • Business
  • Communication and Design
  • Construction, Engineering and Building Design Management
  • Information and Communications Technology, and Health Information Management
  • Health Science and Nursing
  • Science
  • Social Science, Policing and Criminal Justice

If you complete a diploma in any of these fields successfully, you can move straight onto the second year of it’s corresponding bachelors degree. If you didn’t finish high school or your ATAR was lower than 55 It only takes an extra four months to complete the diploma and move on to the degree.

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The best thing about The College is you will be learning the same curriculum as the first year of the bachelor’s degree, meaning you aren’t missing out on anything; you’re just learning the same stuff in smaller, more focused classes.

What if I don’t know what I want to study?

Then taking a diploma is a great idea to learn more about your passion and what you’ve been considering studying. After 12 months you can walk away with a qualification and try something new if you want to.

It’s also a great opportunity to experience life as a university student. The campuses of Western Sydney University offer modern spaces to learn, study, and socialise across western Sydney. Uni is a completely different experience compared to high school, and The College at Western Sydney University is the best way to see if it’s right for you.

For more information and to apply for enrolment, visit their website.

Watch: An introduction to The College at Western Sydney University

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