“Always heartwarming to watch this government exploit a pandemic to enrich their friends and donors,” are the controversial words tweeted by Hugh Grant this week.

Grant tweed his opinion alongside a thread from a social media reporting account called The Citizens which read,  “BREAKING: Firm awarded £16.2m across multiple Covid-19 contracts has extensive links to the Conservatives.

Softcat Plc not only boasts a Tory-donating director, but life-peer and mega-donor Lord Nash holds shares in them.”

The post is about a British IT company which was allegedly awarded millions across multiple coronavirus contracts and has “extensive links to the Conservatives”.

The post has currently received 4,367 retweets and 15,500 likes. Many fans have tweeted their support and backed Grant.

“This whole ‘get rich on suffering’ make me absolutely disgusted. The government could have handled the whole crisis as a non profit emergency fund, but instead we see corruption and unaccountability. How can these people sleep at night making profit out of pain?” Responded one user.

When British news house The Independent approached the cabinet for comment, a Cabinet Office spokesperson said: “Non-Executive directors declare any relevant interest upon appointment, which are transparently published annually, and they follow the Code of Conduct for board members of public bodies. Their independent advice brings an external perspective to scrutinise the business of government and ensure value for taxpayers’ money.”

A Tweet in the thread further explains who exactly Softcat Plc are. “Softcat Plc are an IT Infrastructure / Services Company awarded £16.2m since Feb 2020 over 11 different Covid-related agreements. These range from work in the health service to supporting the Student Loans Company & DWP.”

In the past Grant has been vocal about sharing his political opinions, often airing out criticism of the prime minister of the UK, Boris Johnson. In 2019 he sent out an angry tweet telling Johnson to, “fuck off” and calling the parliament a “little gang of masturbatory prefects.”

The aggressive tweet went vial and as of now has racked up nearly 350,000 likes and 96,000 shares.

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