It’s no secret that Hungry Jacks leans way into the Australiana vibe when it comes to their novelty food items but they’ve turned the dial up to euphoric for the latest creation, BBQ Shapes shaker chips.

Announced back at the start of December, the snack is simple enough; a serving of HJ’s semi-thick cut fries (RIP the original shoestring cut) served with a package of BBQ Shapes flavouring that you sprinkle on to complete the chip circle of life.

Although, due to the addictiveness of BBQ Shapes, we won’t judge you if you tip that sachet straight into your mouth.

Overlooking the fact that HJs didn’t push Arnotts for the best Shapes flavour (pizza is the best, feel free to @ us) the advertising confirms that the flavour is ORIGINAL BBQ shapes and not that New Coke claptrap they pulled on us a little while back.

Hungry Jacks is really pushing hard on the cheap snack front this summer, introducing alongside the shaker chips a “Summer Penny Pinchers” menu.

The new fare includes a $2 shake, a $3 cup of chips and chicken nuggets and a $2 ‘cheesy’ cheeseburger that piles a cheese sauce on top of all the regular cheeseburger fixin’s.

They’ve also thrown their hat into the highly competitive slushie game, bringing in a sour raspberry frozen Fanta flavour to rival McDonalds ’36 Flavours’ frozen Fanta promotion.

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Things are heating up in the summer fast food games, kids, and they’re all after your spare gold coins.

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