Hunter Schafer likes a transmedicalist Instagram post blaming nonbinary trans people for a Florida bill restricting trans medical rights.

Hunter Schafer is coming under fire after liking a post that puts blame on nonbinary trans people for a Florida bill pushed by the Desantis Administration that just recently took away medical care for 9,000 transgender Floridians.

The HRC (Human Rights Campaign) released this statement in response to the anti-human rights agenda of the Desantis admin:

“Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration’s actions to strip Medicaid recipients of their access to medically necessary, life-saving gender-affirming health care is only the latest egregious example of the DeSantis administration’s attack on transgender Floridians.,” said Sarah Warbelow, Human Rights Campaign Legal Director. “This move goes against the recommendation of every major medical association, all of whom agree that gender-affirming care is medically necessary. After misinterpreting studies, willfully ignoring evidence, and denying the medical consensus the AHCA chose to leave thousands of transgender adults without any access to the care they need, putting the health of thousands at risk. This move by the ACHA is shameful and should be reversed immediately.”

The Instagram post in question, coming from Instagram user piggytaiwan, points the finger at nonbinary trans people for the stripping of medical rights from all trans folk that were covered by medicaid.

“I hope all of the people (enbies) who fought to have trans identities no longer considered a medical condition that requires dysphoria are happy because you’ve won. The red states are beginning to agree with you. HRT and gender affirming surgery are no longer deemed medically necessary for adults in Florida and it’s not going to stop there. That means more trans people will have to pay for their transitions out of pocket, forcing more of us into sex work. Y’all just couldn’t stand to let binary trans people be the voice of this community.

You had to dismantle all of the guidelines around being trans to fit your narrative so you could feel valid and then you demonized tans people who challenged your ideals and called them truscum/ transmedicalists. What you don’t understand is that binary trans women and men don’t have the luxury of playing around with what it means to be trans the same way you do.

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You challenge gender ideologies from the safety of a cis body that requires no medical treatment. We have to play the game and live by the guidelines that cis people have created for us because that is how we survive.

You’re not helping. You’re not dismantling the gender binary. You’re not expanding the minds of cis people. You are making them hate us. For the last time I am begging non binary people to take a seat and let binary trans people and more specifically black trans women be the voices of this community because they are the ones at risk.”

Others were quick to point out that the anger in piggytaiwan‘s post was directed at the wrong people. Instead of placing blame on the fascist, right-wing politicians who are actively taking away medical rights from trans people, the blame was being laid upon enbies fighting for the same rights as binary trans folk.

“damn hunter schafer is really supporting blaming other trans people for the bills that right-wingers and fascists are pushing to restrict and ban trans healthcare. how fucking disappointing.”

“I want to be clear that this is someone else’s words and Hunter did not type this or post this. but she liked and commented “!!!!!”, which very clearly indicates that she endorses this rhetoric, at least in part. please be understanding that her enby fans will find this upsetting”

“since this is getting a lot of attention: I’m not “cancelling” Hunter. this is deserved criticism of something she chose to post, even if it was just a comment. I think she is a talented actor and I simply hope she can see this feedback and grow. we are not the enemy.”

“I originally posted this because I am a euphoria fan and generally a cinema enjoyer, and I believe that rhetoric like this can spread easily due to frustration and fear.

I want to clarify that I am an enby who experiences dysphoria, so this is personal to me.”

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