Get ready for a wee boogie because much-loved Melbourne nightclub New Guernica is happily reopening its doors next week. 

Over the last 12 years, the joint had established itself as one of the city’s best places to head for a night out; I’m sure most people from Melbourne reading this will have hazy memories of some weekend spent on its messy dance floor.

That’s why it was so devastating when New Guernica announced its unfortunate closure in August, having been impacted by COVID-19 lockdown like so many other hospo places.

It’s with great pleasure, then, to find out that closure was only temporary: New Guernica has announces its glorious return, and in a new venue too (“New home, who dis?” their Instagram page says).

The club is moving out of the crowded CBD to hip Collingwood, located in a heritage building at the meeting of Smith Street and Gertrude Street. That’s some prime real estate, baby.

The new building has been spruced up to look the part. They’ve renovated the venue in order to recreate the club’s classic atmosphere as much as possible. Soaring ceilings; a big balcony to gaze down upon the sweaty dancers; a great lighting and sound system; it’s all there.

And the famous disco ball that adorned the old spot has been brought to the new venue because what else do you really need in terms of dance floor decorations?

The first night back is not far away – the new New Guernica will reopen next week on Thursday, November 25th. That night will play host to a weekly rave moving forward too.

New Guernica has lined up a huge opening weekend, with lots of drink specials and excellent guest artists. For all the details, just head to the official website or put your name down on the event page.