After a three-week trip of the USA with only the iPad Air 10.9-inch (no laptop), it’s clear that it’s the best all-around iPad on the market.

This review delves into its key features, solidifying its place as the premier choice for traveler’s in 2023, but it will almost always be the model I recommend to anyone buying a new tablet.

Sleek Design & Unmatched Portability

The new iPad Air showcases a refined design that emphasises portability without sacrificing style or functionality. In fact it’s more functional than the bigger models.

Its fits nearly on the tray table in the plane, its super light and slim to carry in your backpack but most importantly when I used the device,  I never once felt the screen was too small.

All the perks of a small device, without any of the cons of a bad user experience.

Did not miss the iPad Pro

My biggest concern from moving from my iPad Pro to the iPad Air was the performance.

I use the multitasking feature on the iPad a lot and I play games which require a lot of power. My fear was the iPad Air would crash or lag.

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In the whole 3 week trip across the USA, it crashed only once. Pretty incredible, I’m sure the iPad Pro would have crashed the same amount.

Bottom line is, I didn’t feel any compromise in power doing away with the iPad Pro.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

The iPad Air’s battery longevity is incredible, easily lasting me all day doing back to back meetings. This to me is one of the biggest perks of the iPad.

Verdict: A Traveler’s Dream Device

The iPad Air 10.9-inch model stands out in Apple’s lineup as the optimal travel companion for 2023.

It excels in design, performance and battery life, offering a versatile, high-quality device suited for both professional and personal use. For frequent traveler’s, this iPad Air is the best solution on the market.

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