Confidence is a popular topic. Google it, and 2,410,000,000 results will pop up trying to define it, understand it, bottle it. There are movies dedicated to it and albums about trying to find it. Recently, it feels like there’s been a collective resurgence of celebrating confidence. From Troye Sivan’s era of self expression to Ocean Alley’s 2018 sound clip ‘it’s all about confidence, baby’ going totally viral again online.

Anyone who performs will know – most artists, comedians or public speakers need a certain level of delusional self-confidence to be able to stand on stage in front of a crowd. In fact, we all do, even if our ‘stage’ is an office boardroom or classroom of students. But confidence isn’t just about surface-level bravado. It comes when you embrace your true self – which, turns out, is harder to do than it sounds.

In our age of perfect TikTok filters and feeds full of peers gloating about their every success, embracing your own imperfections – and feeling confident to live with them – can seem almost impossible. 

Whether it’s acne, dandruff, crooked teeth, a lisp, or anxiety, there are so many things that can chip away at confidence. But they don’t have to. Over time, there are little things we can all do to build self-confidence.

Image: Duran Duran – Getty Images

1. Embrace Vulnerability 

It’s often believed confidence is something you’re either born with, or you’re not. But humans are clever creatures and like most things in life, confidence can be a learned skill. In fact, sometimes the toughest journeys lead to the biggest growth. 

A funny thing happens when you open up about the things you’re worried about – the deadline you’re not confident you’ll meet, the quality of your work, the new friend you’re trying to make – they become less scary. The more you talk about it, share your thoughts with trusted friends and family, and listen to other people’s stories, the more confident you’ll feel. 

After all, self-esteem comes when we can embrace our imperfections, instead of hiding them. 

2. Get Uncomfortable and Try Something New

There’s something so empowering about diving headfirst into the unknown. It can be humbling, but trying a new hobby or learning a new skill can be a surefire way to build confidence. Sure, you might suck at singing or playing basketball or baking at first. But with practice, you will get better. And your new found confidence will leak over into other areas of your life, too.

Whether it’s upskilling at work, travelling solo, taking up a new hobby, or joining a local team sport, every moment of discomfort will prove to yourself that you can do hard things, which adds a new layer of confidence. It’s the glow-up that comes from within.

3. Find Role Models

It sounds like something your mum used to recite over and over, but it’s true – you can’t be what you can’t see. In fact, the people you surround yourself with have a huge impact on how you feel day to day. 

These inspiring figures are living proof that dreams, no matter how lofty, are within reach. Watching them conquer obstacles and bounce back from failures is not just inspiring; it’s a masterclass in resilience. Maybe it’s a certain friend, co-worker, celebrity or podcast episode that can show you what confidence looks like – and how to build it. By mirroring their admirable traits and soaking in their life lessons, we can become more confident, self-assured versions of ourselves. 

David Bowie by Lester Cohen/Getty Images

4. Get Creative 

Creativity has always been a shared source of confidence. The most creative minds have been able to inspire millions to embrace their own quirkiness and feel confident telling the world, this is who I am and I love it. 

Think: Lady Gaga, a powerhouse of creativity who transformed her unique style and unapologetic individuality into a global brand, encouraging her “Little Monsters” to embrace their weirdness. Or David Bowie, who continually reinvented himself across decades, proving that change and experimentation can not only be accepted but celebrated. 

They prove that creativity isn’t just about producing art, it’s a way of building inner confidence. Each act of creative expression, be it writing a song, painting a canvas, or taking a photo, serves as a small victory over self doubt. 

5. Invest in Good Products 

Of course, true confidence comes from within. But sometimes it can help to feel good on the outside, too. Our hair, for example, has long been connected to confidence. It’s why we love a fresh haircut or why we rush to dye, chop and change our look post-breakup or big life change. Because it makes us feel good. But nothing can kill confidence like an itching, flaky scalp. And if you’re dealing with dandruff, like about 50% of the population do at some point in their life, finding the confidence to go out and slay the day can be tricky.

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Whether you’re dealing with dandruff, or a bit of self doubt, confidence isn’t just a state of mind; it’s a way of life. You’ve got this. 

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*Consumer test on 262 subjects after 2 weeks of regular use

***Cosmeto-clinical study, 56 subjects with 3 applications a week for 4 weeks.