TikTok has been an awesome outlet during lockdown to escape the hellish nightmare of a pandemic that we are living through, and now the platform has delivered another wholesome moment featuring New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern.

Ardern, who has turned New Zealand into a coronavirus free haven and left most Aussies wishing she was our leader, has been the subject of a series of clips by comedian Melanie Bracewell.

With her wig and makeup, Bracewell puts on a fantastic impression of her Prime Minister, releasing a stack of very popular videos on TikTok in recent months.

She really nails even the warm, smiling face that really makes Ardern a leader you can believe in.



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In recent Twitter updates, Bracewell has made it clear she all her impressions have been from a place of admiration, even reposting a photo of her brother with the PM.

“Kia ora everyone, it’s me, Jacinda Ardern,” says Bracewell in a new clip “I obviously have a lot of fans out there, so I like to get selfies with my fans sometimes.”

Who should show up in the frame but the real Jacinda Ardern, who looks absolutely stoked to be there by the way/

“Hi! What’s your name?” Bracewell asks. “Jacinda!” she responds.

In the weeks since declaring New Zealand virus-free, there have been a small number of cases cropping up in the country, but things remain under control. Despite that, Ardern is preparing for a potential resurgence of the virus, as we have seen closer to home in Victoria.

“We only need to look to Victoria, New South Wales, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea to see examples of other places that like us had the virus under control at a point in time only to see it emerge again,” she said.

“In the world of COVID-19 that we’re currently living in, we must constantly be prepared. Today (alongside the Minister of Health) I set out what we will do in the event we have cases in the community again.”

New Zealand has had no community transmission of coronavirus for over 70 days.

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