Jack Irvine is bringing his solo show to Melbourne called ‘Some New Paintings’, with a brand new collection that we’ve been simply on the edge of our seats to see.

Jack Irvine is the mastermind behind all of our favourite Ruby Fields, Skegss and Mallrat merch, and we’ve been obsessed with his art style for quite some time. There’s nothing quite like what Irvine is doing.

His full pieces are glorious odes to Australian street maximalism and fuse larrikin culture with bombastic colours for something truly unique to our country, that pays homage to our distinctive sense of style.

Ruby Fields Merch
Ruby Fields Merch by Jack Irvine

‘Some New Paintings’, which is coming to Melbourne at Frothlyf on the 11th of Nov, is a collection of original, unseen pieces encapsulating an array of unexplored mediums and techniques practised by Jack Irvine. Artworks showcased in the exhibition involve a collection of air-brushed, bold, fluorescent works deriving from a series of hand-drawn pieces Irvine created in his earlier years of art-making.

The original drawings inspiring the collection were produced with no intention of being shared with the public. Through freedom of personal expression and artistic exploration, the hand-picked images retain an experimental, carefree essence of flow and creative freedom.

In a recent Instagram post, Irvine showed his excitement for the new show, while also showing off a brand new artwork. “Big hand painted poster for the show next week,” he wrote, “Going up in my mates store Frothlyf which he so kindly has let me clear out for a night to put a gallery on… Excited, nervous, scared, happy… So many mixed feelings as it gets closer haha”

In collaboration with Frothlyf a collection of vintage, reworked, one-off, merchandise items will be available on the evening alongside new screen-printed pieces and Irvine’s line of pre-existing merchandise.

You can check out more of Irvine’s works on his Insta, or on his website here.

‘Some New Paintings’ by Jack Irvine

DATE: FRI 11th Oct, 2019

TIME: 6-9pm