Jackie O has certainly met her fair share of celebrities, however, perhaps one of the most outlandish encounters was when Tommy Lee kissed her neck and face during an interview.

On this morning’s Kyle and Jackie-O segment, the hosts were discussing Tommy Lee’s relationship with Pamela Anderson, when Kyle interrupted to reminisce about an interview they did with him.

“I’ve watched Tommy Lee lick your entire neck and all the way up to the side of your face,” Kyle told Jackie O. He added that the Mötley Crüe front man “really liked Jackie”.

Jackie agreed with Kyle, before telling her co-host that Tommy Lee “smelt so good, best celebrity smell ever”.

The host explained that he was wearing a perfume oil called Kai which Aussies can buy from Australian beauty retailer mecca.

“It is incredible, especially for guys, it’s a beautiful clean smell” she said, telling Kyle she’d buy him a bottle.

She added, “I liked him, he was really fun. He was harmless.”

While Jackie’s encounter with Tommy Lee was positive, the radio host has previously spoken about negative run ins with celebrities. Last year she recalled a run-in that she and her ex-husband ‘Ugly Phil’ O’Neil had with The Castle actor Michael Caton, calling it “embarrassing”.

Jackie explained that O’Neil was a huge fan of Caton’s, and spotted him at the Australian People’s Choice Awards after-party in the late 90’s.

She said that O’Neil bought a bottle of red wine and offered it to the actor.

“We loved The Castle. At the after-party, Phil goes and buys a bottle of red wine and takes it over to Michael Caton,’ Jackie explained on the Kylie and Jackie O show today.

“He says, ‘Mate, I just love you and what you do, and I wanted to give you this bottle of wine.’ [Caton] said, ‘No thanks.’ So Phil just walked back with the bottle of wine.”

“I think he actually said worse than that, if I’m honest. A polite way of saying, ‘Go away,’” she said.

Jackie said that Phil returned looking dejected and told her, “Oh, wow… that was embarrassing.”

Depsite interviewing some of the biggest celebrities in the world, Jackie told listeners, “It’s really hard to go up to a celebrity that you love, because you’re nervous and you hope they’re going to be nice to you.

“You hear horror stories… they’re not all lovely.”

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