Filmed in the visually stunning 3D for IMAX, Jerusalem is a thoroughly immersive experience that both enthralls and enlightens. The 45-minute documentary will present you with an intriguing introduction to the ancient city that will pique your curiosity and whet your appetite for adventure.

At its core,Jerusalemis an exploration of a mosaic of cultures and beliefs. It details the city where Muslims, Christians and Jews live side by side but separately, in their own Jerusalems. Being the gateway to God for three different religions, audiences learn just how half the people on earth came to cherish the same small space, and why it’s the most fought over land in history.

The film boasts impressive sweeping shots of the city, including some of its most religious landmarks: Christianity’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre; Islam’s Dome of the Rock; and Judaism’s Western Wall of the Temple Mount. However, as moving as these experiences are, the city feels to be at its most visceral when the camera allows you to travel down the cobblestoned lined streets of the 4000-year-old city and explore the twisting alleyways. It’s here that the feeling of community and euphoria is at its most prevalent.

The sheer grandeur of the city is beautifully juxtaposed with the tales of three young female city dwellers, who each represent one of the major religions. Through their stories, the film truly taps at the unique core of ambience that the city exudes.

One of the most impressive features of the film is the balance it strikes between the three dominant religions of the city. Neither is favoured above the other, and a resounding message of peace resonates throughout the documentary. The differences between these people aren’t the focus, rather their shared heritage and love for the land that has nourished their beliefs.

5/5 stars

Jerusalem is at IMAX Darling Harbour from April 10.

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