The latest of many unusual and completely unnecessary fast food items has arrived, and boy it’s a weird one! KFC Japan have introduced the new “German Twister” to their menu, and to be honest I’m confused as to why it’s on their menu.

The twister combines the flavours of two different types of potato, a pork sausage, mustard sauce, lettuce, a sweet and sour pickle relish, all in a soft tortilla! Or, as the google translation of their website put it “I combined two types of potatoes with hakutsu and crispy in crisp and textured sausages. Please enjoy with mustard sauce of refreshing hot.” Doesn’t that just sound absolutely fucked and lacking in fried chicken?

gross kfc
There’s not even any chicken in it!

The limited edition wrap is probably not the worst thing KFC has ever created and many fast food companies do put some really weird shit together. But I still can’t help but think, why did anyone even think of this?

Why is it being sold at KFC when there’s no chicken in it. There’s something so incredibly wrong with this that I’ve been thinking about it all day, and still can’t figure out why I’m so disturbed.

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The only thing that is understandable about it is the name. Potato salad is thought to have come from Germany, and from the picture it seems that’s how the potatoes are served in the wrap. Even that is a bit of a reach.

The wrap is available for 380 Yen, or AUD$4.7o. So if you’re visiting Japan in the near future and want a cheap meal, don’t get one of these. It will probably be disgusting.

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