Just in case the year 2021 wasn’t cursed enough, KFC has unleashed the Pizza Double, an Italian spin on its cult menu item. 

In news that will no doubt make any Italian Nonna cry, KFC is now slinging a decidedly inauthentic take on its Double Down burger.

The OG version of the Double Down, which debuted back in 2011, featured fried chicken fillets in place of the usual ‘buns’.

Since then, KFC aficionados have apparently been demanding the return of the truly unholy treat, leading the powers that be to up the ante with the Pizza Double.

Launching today, the Pizza Double will include two spicy Zinger fillets as the ‘bun’, along with two pepperoni slices, Italian-style pizza sauce and a slice of cheese.

In a statement, CMO at KFC Australia Kristi Woolrych said the new iteration of the Double offered fans the chance to “level up”.

“After making a delicious first impression on Aussies 10 years ago, we’re excited to bring back the iconic Double with a mouth-watering pizza twist!” said Woolrych.

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“Long-time fans of the Double know that this beauty doesn’t hang around for long though, so don’t miss out this time around as we can’t say when it’ll be back again.”

Those who are keen to try this chaotic combo of ingredients will indeed need to get in quick, as the Pizza Double is only available from Monday, September 7th until Monday, October 4th.

Not only is the item available now in-store, but it can also be ordered for delivery via the KFC app, which is admittedly handy given that many of us remain in lockdown.

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Check out KFC announcing the arrival of the Pizza Double: