Kim Kardashian has announced that she’ll be gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated as part of the 2022 issue by posting ten of the magazine’s images to her Instagram.

And while Kim certainly looks fab – a photo editor has told the New York Post that the photos have definitely been touched up.

“From a professional standpoint, you can look at [the picture] and just know that there’s photoshopping that’s been done,” bicoastal photo editor and photographer Gabriella Csapo told the publication.

“Aside from it being Sports Illustrated, it’s also Kim Kardashian,” she laughed. “We have to assume that at this point in her career, every photo is photoshopped.”

“Her nose, on the cover, looks more straight and narrow than her nose in the rest of the photos [from the shoot],” said the specialist who has more than 10 years of experience doing photoshop editions herself “It looks like [the middle of her nose] got thinned out, and that the tip of her nose was [made to look more pointy].

“People need to recognize that celebrity pictures like this are often photoshopped so that no one is out there trying to emulate an unrealistic beauty standard,” Csapo mentions.

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Kim shared some insight into the shoot in the caption for her Instagram post “.OMG I’m a Sports Illustrated cover girl!!!! We shot this back in January and it’s been so hard to keep this cover a secret!” She wrote. “For the location we went back to one of my favorite places in the world, the Dominican Republic!”

The reality star added, “It’s such an honor and a dream to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Bucket List goals!!!!”

While Kim has been featured on countless magazine covers, she revealed in an interview with Sports Illustrated that she never imagined she would be a SI cover girl.

“I vividly remember Tyra Banks on the cover and women with curves, I remember thinking that was just so cool. But I still thought you had to be a professional model and a runway model,” she said.

“It was always really young girls. I don’t want to date myself or sound old. But in my 40s? That’s crazy! I never thought in a million years that I would be shooting one myself,” Kim added.

In the cover story, Kim wrote a letter to herself about how much she’s grown and changed over the years.

“It’s easy to say to just ignore the criticism, but another thing you’ll learn is that at some point it will click in your head that it’s not about you anymore. It’s about family. It’s about helping other people,” she wrote.

“For years you’ll be putting yourself out there… But you’re going to become a more private person and you’re going to come to realise that the way to get your story out there—the actual narrative, the truth—isn’t by engaging but by doing.”

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