God this is good. I am absolutely thrilled to share the news that Alternative Meat Co and Deliveroo have banded together to launch literally the sexiest meal on this here planet. The Lasagna Dog.

I am literally welling up at the thought of shovelling one of these naughty boys in my gob. The snag of my dreams was created with renowned meat-eating vegan chef Shannon Martinez. The kitchen whizzkid that brought us Smith & Daughters and Smith & Deli.

So let’s break down the devilish dog. The fantastic creation features a vetan hot dug bun smothered with garlic butter, wedged between is a 100% plant-based Alternative Meat Co sausage, topped with a nonna-approved plant-based Bolognese sauce, and a sprinkling Alternative Dairy Co vegan cheese sauce and basil.

“Vegan dishes are my specialty and the OG hot-dog deserved a makeover. When I create dishes, I like to think of what is going to ultimately bring joy each time someone takes a bite, whether they are vegan, meat-eaters, flexitarians or vegos. The Lasagne Dog is that dish!,” shared Martinez.

“I absolutely love that the Alternative Meat Co sausages are locally made, I’m a huge advocate for local brands. Plus the fact they cook and taste just like meat is a meat-eating vegan chef’s dream come true.”

The hot dog is set to officially launch on Thursday, October 31st and will be available on Deliveroo within 2.5 kilometres of Windsor in Melbourne and 2.5 kilometres of Potts Point in Sydney.

To celebrate the launch of the delectable beast, Alternative Meat Co and Deliveroo will be handing out hundreds of free Lasagne Dogs between 12 pm to 2 pm tomorrow. To snag a snag, head to Kings Cross Station and Taylor Square in Sydney and Balaclava and South Yarra stations in Melbourne.

You can find all the necessary information below.

Deliveroo & Alternative Meat Co 
Lasagna Dog Giveaway

Balaclava Station: 12pm – 1pm
South Yarra Station: 1pm – 2pm

Kings Cross Station: 12pm – 1pm
Taylor Square: 1pm – 2pm